WIN: Justin Bieber Signed Poster!

After Justin was done performing @ the next star finale, Clara and Vanessa took a large poster of justin bieber and got him to sign it! You could win it, just email Vanessa and tell us WHY you LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER. We’ll pick 1 winner with the coolest and best response to why they love Justin bieber and we’ll email them personally and find out some info to send them our poster. DONT WORRY, we will NOT share your info with anyone.* SO Email THE OWNER OF THE POSTER [[Vanessa]]¬†


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Magaziine Awards!

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Demi Lovato And Trace Cyrus ‘have something special?’

Obviously, if you’ve been looking at Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus’s twitter page.. and even Mileys twitter page you can see that Demi and Trace are tweetflirting? the two have been constantly messaging each other ‘aww your soo cute’ and on Milez twitter page recently she posted’ haha im going over to demi’s! Be jelouse Trace!’ Cute or Eww?

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Demi Lovato SleepOver with Tiffany Thornton?

Sweetheart Demi Lovato Posted on Her Twitter Account that she is spending the night at Her sister from another mother (tiffany thornton)’s house! yay, Demi Loves Sleepovers! hope shell post more about it tomorrow on her twitter page! goodnight Tweeties.

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Selena Gomez NEW haircut (bob) hot or not?


Selena Gomez showed-off her new bob haircut! hot or Not? You decide! CREDIT: Jefflin. Selena also arrived with her lovely haircut on the set of the music video

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Jonas Brothers Fly with Me Music Video

Jonas Brothers, ‘Fly With Me’ music video! Love Nicks voice in this. What do you think about the music video? do you like it or no? COOL FACT: Frankie Jonas is in the music video! Can you spot him

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Demi, JB, Miley & Selena- Music Video Set

Miley, Demi, JB and Selena on the Set of their new music video “Send It On!” In most of the pictures you see Miley and Nick hugging..Demi and Joe seem close. Do you think they might have chemistry on set ? Thankyou, RealDemiLovatoFans @ YouTube for the video + pics.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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